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Fostex F200A Transmission Line Speaker

Last Modified 6/30/10

The FTA-2000 is about a close as you will come to a Full-Range Single Driver Speaker. The heart of the FTA-2000 is the Fostex F200A 8" driver.

The FTA-2000 is a single driver full-range speaker using the Fostex F200A 8" driver in a more-or-less conventional transmission line. Not the most efficient full-ranger around, the FTA-2000 is happiest with SS amps and gainclones. SET's need not apply. A well behaved speaker with the detail you would expect from the F200A's huge alnico magnet. The FTA-2000 goes deep enough to handle all by organ and electronic music without a subwoofer, and the need for a super-tweeter will probably depend on the age of your ears.

I was asked by a customer to design and build a pair of speakers for the F200A. The FTA-2000 was the result. I measured the drivers and ran some simulations. It was clear from the outset that this driver is not happy in a straight mass-loaded transmission line. The best simulations pointed to a conventional transmission line layout. I settled on a 72" line with a 6:1 taper. Putting the driver a ear level required a single fold, but with the terminus in the middle of back panel. This made for a simple cabinet with the terminus exiting naturally. The FTA-2000 cabinet is 11 1/2" wide, 13 1/2" deep and 46 1/4" high. The base of the cabinet is 14" x 16".

I offer limited custom production here at Hot Springs Village, AR. I will provide plans, flats, assembled unfinished cabinets and completed speakers. Of course, prices may vary at my whim or due to the cost of materials. Since I am doing one-off production, I get no discounts from suppliers. I simply pass on the actual cost of drivers and filter parts. The current price list is:

Plans1 $25
Flats2 $365
Complete Speakers3 $2595

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Prices are for two cabinets or speakers, delivered to your door. The standard material is 3/4" high quality plywood. Non-standard materials or finish are negotiable. If you feel that you will need grills, see Grills.

  1. Plans will be delivered as PDF documents attached to e-mail. Snail mail delivery can be arranged.

  2. Flats include all panels ready for glue-up. The plinth and false baffle are drilled for mounting screws. Drivers, filters and all hardware will be provided by the customer. Shipping weight is 65lb each for two packages.

  3. Complete speakers are ready to hook up to your amplifier, except that the bases need to be installed. Drivers and all hardware are included. The filter will be installed unless arranged otherwise. The standard finish is quarter-cut red oak veneer, stained to your specification and finished with three coats of tung oil finish. For more information about available finishes, see Fit and Finish. Shipping weight is two 75lb packages for two cabinets and one 15lb package for the bases.

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